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Prophecies by Edgar Cayce

                                DOWSING THE EARTH CHANGES          

                                PROPHECIES BY EDGAR CAYCE



                                         TIME LINE

FROM 1880's TO 1938 - there will be new influences & BOOKS ON HIGHER THOUGHT COMING 

1938 - 1958 PERIOD OF PREPARATION ( cycle - 20 yrs)

1958 - 1998 TESTING PERIOD (full cycle - 40 yrs.)  






Earth Changes

                                    The Mill Workers
                             Working for the New Millenium
                  Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worse.

Using your pendulum, and the Dowser 's Question Card, dowse the following:  

1. Is it still possible to avoid the predicted earth changes?  

2. Will the predicted earth changes bring earthquakes, floods, and droughts, to major 
   sections of this country?  

3. If enough people changed their attitudes, is it possible that the effects of the earth 
   changes will be less drastic?
4. Will I be on the earth plane to experience the coming earth changes?  

5. Do I have a role to play, in the coming earth changes?  

6. Did I volunteer for this role, before I incarnated?  

7. What is my role? (Refer to chart)  

8. Is it for my highest good to remain in the area where I am now living, to experience 
   the coming earth changes?  

9. If the answer is "no", what area should I be living in?
     (Map dowse the area of the country, city, town, etc)

10. Would it be for my highest good to move now? If not, when?

11. Is there something that I should be doing to prepare for the coming earth changes, 
    that I'm not doing?  (If the answer is "yes" have your Guides spell it)  

12. In approximately how many years, will the major earth changes be upon us?  

13. Would living on the earth plane, during the Earth changes, be a learning experience 
    for my souls development?  

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                                  Past Life Readings


1. Am I working at the job that is for my highest good, at present?  
2. Am I in the correct area, at the present time?  
3. Have I started following the plan that I set for myself, before I incarnated?  
4. Am I in the correct relationship, at the present time?  
5. Is there something that I should be doing, that I am avoiding? (If the answer is yes, 
   have your guides spell it out for you.)  
6. Do I have a past-life problem that is interfering    with my life today?  
7. Am I carrying around negative emotions that are beginning to affect my health?  
8. Do I have any subconscious blocks?*   (Ask what they are.)  
9. Which of the following is affecting my health?  
   _ a physical problem           _ my diet 
   _ a mental-emotional problem   _ subconscious blocks         
   _ an environmental problem     _ a past life  
10. What should I be doing that would better prepare me for the Earth Changes?  
    _exercise daily    _ take better care of my health 
    _ meditate daily   _ learn to love myself more 
    _ stop worrying    _ know that I am loved  
11. Make a list of what you think your priorities are, at the present time. Then, using 
    the What Are My Priorities chart, check them and prioritize them.  

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                                  Past Life Readings

                            4 STAGES OF PREPAREDNESS

                    A. MEETING THE PEOPLE

                    A. BONDING TOGETHER IN A GROUP OF 30 (+ or -)  FAMILIES. 
                    B. ELECTING LEADERS 
                              1. Woodsmen              7. Healers
                              2. Builders              8. Food - Cooking
                              3. Hunters               9. Teachers
                              4. Trappers             10. Craftspeople
                              5. Fishermen            11. Protectors - gun experts
                              6. Farmers              12. Musicians

                    D. ASSIGNING JOBS
                    1. Finding "safe" areas (with pure water & safe from earthquakes, 
                       floods/droughts, & human predators.)
                    2. Gathering information from various sources:  
                            Food & storage             Pricing land
                            Suitable shelter           Pricing shelter
                            Supplies needed            Pricing supplies

                    A. BUYING OR LEASING THE LAND.  
                    B. PLANTING CROPS
                    C. Temporary SHELTERS (UNTIL MORE PERMANENT ONES ARE BUILT.)  
                              1. Seeds            5. Tools
                              2. Food             6. Weapons
                              3. Utensils         7. Tent, etc.
                              4. Clothing         8. Misc.

                    You will be told when it's time!  

 14 Center St.   Glens Falls, News York, 12801   (518) 793-1039
                                  Past Life Readings

                        The Mill Workers
                 Working for the New Millennium

         Hoping for the best, but preparing for worst.
                            BOOK LIST

The End Times                                Pole Shift
Prophecies of Coming Changes                 Scientific Predictions and
John Van Auken                               Prophecies of the Ultimate
Startling end-times predictions for our      Natural Disaster
century examining prophecies from the        John White
Bible, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and         The bestselling book of prophecy from
others. Paperback. #R479 $12.95              the Cayce readings about the coming
                                             pole shift, including predictions by
The Mayan Prophecies                         other psychics and how to prepare.
Adrian G. Gilbert &                          Paperback. #R8014 $9.95
Maurice M. Cotterell
Read about the Mayan prediction that         Coming Earth Changes
the present world will end on December       The Latest Evidence
22, 2012. Covers Egypt, Atlantis, the        William Hutton
new millennium. Hardcover.                   A geologist compares Edgar Cayce's
#R4223 $24.95                                predictions with the latest research
                                             showing that earth changes have
                                             already begun. Covers the pole shift and
The Second Coming                            reappearance of Atlantis. Paperback.
Kirk Nelson                                  #R483 $14.95
The author uses the Bible, Cayce readings, 
Nostradamus, and more to predict             Earth Changes Update
future events, including Jesus' return.      Edgar Cayce's Prophecies
Paperback. #R5032 $12.95                     1958-1998
                                             Hugh Lynn Cayce
Spiritwalker                                 Examines the Cayce readings on the
Messages from the Future                     coming earth changes, how we can
Hank Wesselman                               effect change, prepare for the future,
The true story of an anthropologist's        and find the safe places. Paperback.
mystical journey into the spirit world       #R302 $8.95
and the prophetic visions of America's
future that he is shown. Hardcover.          ORDER TOLL FREE 1-800-723-1112
#R4220 $21.95
                          A.R.E. Press
         Association for Research & Enlightenment, Inc.
        Sixty-Eighth & Atlantic Avenue -  P.O. Box 656  
                 Virginia Beach, VA 234510656 

                       SOURCE information

Do not buy any shovels, axes, entrenching tools etc. that are made in the third world. 
They are 1/4 to  the cost of the good stuff but a total waste of money as the metals 
are usually for shit. I bought a small military looking hand pick which was $20.00 instead 
of the genuine surplus which was $40.00. The end snapped off after a few hours.  Shop 
carefully and don't buy any low priced equipment as there is too much at stake.  

A small hand axe is essential. Estwing, made in USA, is a good brand with a one piece 
metal handle. Don't forget the sharpening kit.  

Surplus and survival equipment:
(be careful, they all sell junk as well as quality equipment)

Major Surplus and Survival 1-800-441-8855 good source for many items including food; 
note: current issue W. German poncho is the best poncho.

US Cavalry 1-800-777-7732

Brigade Quartermasters 1-800-338-4327 only source for survival fish net order number 
SA3195 $11.95 each.

The Sportsman's Guide 1-800-888-3006 cheaper prices on some things.

Cabela's 1-800-237-4444 new hunting clothing and supplies, small wood stoves

Smoky Mountain Knife Works, good knives and cheap knives, 800-251-9306

The Edge Company, knives etc. 1-800-732-9976

Atlanta Cutlery, knives etc. 1-800-883-0300

Emergency Essentials 1-800-999-863
Nitro-Pak 1-800-866-4876
Note: "Back-to-Basics" grain mill is a piece of junk, available at many sources

'American Survival Guide', monthly, Box 68033, Anaheim, Ca, 92817-9907
'Wilderness Way', quarterly, get back issues, Box 203, Lufkin, Tx, 75902 
Excellent acorn book: 'It Will Live Forever', by Bev Ortiz ISBN 0-930588-45-2 
'Where There Is No Doctor' and 'Where There Is No Dentist' are good 
Tom Brown's Field Guide series are excellent survival books.  

Ragnar Benson's book  Eating Cheap'. explains an essential philosophy for survival 
eating ISBN 0-87364-252-x.  His books 'Ragnar's Ten Best Trap' ISBN 0-87364-328-3 
and 'Survival Poaching' are also good.  

Johnny's Selected Seeds, Foss Hill Road, Albion, Maine, 04910

Fox Hollow Herb & Heirloom Seed Co., Box 148, McGrann, Pa, 16236

Heirloom Seeds, Box 245, W. Elizabeth, Pa, 15088-0245

I am expecting something to come along that will make the Great Depression look like a 
Sunday Picnic. I feel there may be a fundamental difference between the days ahead and 
past wars and disasters. This time around the main battles will be between you and 
yourself. It will be essential for you to establish the correct relationship between 
yourself, our Earth Mother and God.  

May you find the balance.  

Surf's Up

Dowse all books and materials of a prophetic nature on the Higher Source chart
before you purchase them.  I'm sure you'll save money.

 14 Center St.   Glens Falls, News York, 12801   (518) 793-1039
                                  Past Life Readings


                                    By Mary Hardy, PhD.

Ascension, to many people, is a relatively new concept.  Most believe that one    
has to die to ascend. This is not true! Get this idea out of your thinking. Death 
scares people! For this reason ascension is a frightening concept because they are 
not aware of the advancement of humanity into the higher planes of 
consciousness. Some think they are not worthy to ascend while others have 
already achieved many aspects of ascension without even realizing the path 
they have taken. For some, ascension is a way of life.

For 90 percent of the Earth's population, even the possibility of ascension is a 
new concept. Most of the Earth's population are so busy feeding and caring for 
the needs of the physical body there is little concern for any future plans for the 
Earth. Most have not even dared to look at the probability that Earth cannot 
feed future generations. 

Some have heard, but not listened to, even the idea that oxygen and other raw 
materials are being depleted. Fewer still are even aware that the time is growing 
near when the Earth cannot support healthy life in the physical body. This is a 
direct result of what we have done to the planet, by cutting down the forests and 
polluting the air and water.  

Many extraterrestrials and angels have come from other galaxies to help the 
planet in her time of need. However, the governments of the world have denied 
their citizens knowledge that we are being visited by these extraterrestrials.  

Many of these visitors are advanced beings from a different space and time 
continuum. Most of humanity has no concept that the majority of these visitors 
are here to warn us of the impending dangers our destructive path is leading us 
to, and are here to help us move into the future with little or no difficulty. 
However, a few of the extraterrestrials are here to reap the spoils of our stupidity. 
Because of the inability of humanity to access the higher dimensions, the 
majority of the Earth's population just aren't listening to their inner voices, and 
thus have little awareness of the concept of ascension.  

Humanity cannot communicate with these beings of light until we open up our 
eighth chakra. And, the beings of light cannot interfere with our evolution unless 
we ask. The secret is we have to ascend. Knock ant the door to ascension will 
open. They are here to help!  

                     Ascension, the Easy Way

Activating the eighth chakra and overcoming matter is the easy way. It is being 
able to control your own electromagnetic field so you can live and move on the 
planet without food or oxygen. Yes, we can eat if we wish. We will have the 
ability to to do whatever we desire but we will not require the physical body as 
we now know it. Activating the eighth chakra will allow us to do communicate 
with teachers from the higher planes. At this level we can prepare ourselves to be 
the type of beings that can travel the universe. We will have the ability to do 
travel in time and space. However, we must learn to do to do this without 
harming or interfering with other individuals who are not as advanced as we are. 
We must learn to live in total unconditional love.  

                   Awareness of Our True Path

Few people realize the importance of the development of awareness. If 144,000 
individuals choose ascension, then the whole solar system will advance into the 
light. Many of us came to the planet to assist in this new awakening, only to get 
caught in the karma and dharma or the heaviness of this reality. The next few 
years can be whatever we choose them to do be. It has not yet been decided as to 
how this age will close. In the end times, the number of individuals who have 
chosen ascension will determine the amount of destruction that will occur on the 
planet. If at least 144,000 choose the light path then they will be able to control 
the Earth's 144,000 "accupressure points" and the major Earth changes will be 
avoided. The Earth will shift on her axis and raise all levels of consciousness. 
She is a living being and preparing to totally enter the photon belt in the year 
2010 which will be the time period when she graduates, so to do speak. We on 
Earth can move into the opening of the eighth chakra and receive our new light 
bodies without much turmoil because we will have the ability to do learn how to
control these changes.  

To do this the individual needs minerals. This is the emerald planet. We are the 
showplace of the solar system. We have the power and wisdom to transform 
minerals into energy and light. This is the role of Mother Earth. As she enters the 
photon belt she will roll and twist on her axis. This could cause much destruction 
or it could open the rest of the solar system to the new light of ascension. The 
choice is up to do us. That is why we are receiving so much help from outside the 
solar system. Many are here to do help. But the Universal law governing this 
planet is free will. Until we as individuals or our world governments ask for help 
the advanced beings of the Universe cannot help. First we have to do admit they 
are here to help. Opening the eighth chakra will allow us to do communicate with 

              Alchemy and the White Powder of Cold

Alchemy is the secret of opening the eighth chakra. It is the process of bringing 
energy into matter. This process has been sought after since the pyramids were 
built and the mystery schools opened. The main players have been Moses, 
Hermes. Paracelsus, and the Christ. These developed souls all sought the white 
powder of gold. This is the monatomic form of this metal. Now, as the planet 
moves into the photon belt we no longer need the precious white powder. As the 
planet twists on her axis the minerals will flow into the herbs and we can achieve 
the power of transfiguration through the minerals and oils of the plants. The 
white powder of gold was given at the time of the building of Solomon's temple 
to help humanity advance into the fourth dimension. The Ark of the Covenant 
was the device that transformed the gold into its powdered form.

Now, it is important to understand the process of the white powder of gold, even 
though the plants will provide the elements for transfiguration. David Hudson,  
a researcher from Arizona, has found a way of creating the white powder of gold. 
He has applied for the U.S. and world patents on the material. He calls his 
patents ORMES, Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. In the Bible it says 
that when the Ormes tree appears humanity will graduate into the higher planes 
of consciousness. When the planet shifts on her axis, the power of the white 
powder of gold will manifest in the plants ant herbs. The Ormes tree will grow 
again on the planet. The plants and herbs will become monatomic.  

The activation of the brain with the monatomic minerals causes the brain to  
become a perfect superconductor. This in turn allows the cells to become 
illumined and the whole electromagnetic field of the individual lights up. This 
process causes the RNA/DNA to reconstruct itself and the whole body is healed, 
allowing the activation of the higher chakras. This process of illumination is 
similar to the one Royal Raymond Rife discovered in the '30s. There are many 
paths to follow in the process of illumination. The time is now for ascension.  

In his research, David Hudson discovered that 5 percent of the brain is made up 
of the rare elements rhodium and iridium. He discovered this by removing all the 
organics from cows and pigs brains and doing an elemental analysis on the 
remaining material. When these hidden elements go into the monatomic state 
they activate the brain into a superconductive mode.  

When the brain is activated into superconductivity the eighth chakra is opened 
and the human now has the ability of mind over matter. The brain's 
superconductivity is the secret of alchemy. Wherever the mind goes it can 
control the tachyons and reconstruct matter or heal the physical body. A human 
with this ability can even bring a dead person back to do life. This process is not 
a mystery and it can be proven scientifically.  

              The 3 Steps in Raising the Frequency
                         for Advancement

If a person wishes to control the tachyons with the mind and develop 
superconductivity, they have to understand this process and prepare to achieve 
this. First. they must use homeopathic remedies to balance the electromagnetic 
field and remove the blocks so that the hormones, enzymes and minerals work 
fully in the body. Secondly, they must remineralize the body with the trace 
minerals. The main ones being selenium, rhodium, iridium, silver ant gold.  This 
will help activate the electromagnetic field so that the brain can utilize its 
superconductive ability. A good way to achieve this is to use essential oils 
(aromatherapy). The oils have the ability to raise the electrical frequency within 
the cell so that the oxygen and minerals can be delivered to the cell. It is through 
electrical osmosis that the cell takes on nutrients and oxygen. And thirdly, make 
sure the hormone and enzyme levels are up in the blood so that the immune 
system stays healthy and the body can be properly fed.  
                       Using Aromatherapy
               to Raise the Frequency In the Body

Researchers have found that by using the pure oils of aromatherapy, the 
frequency within the body can be raised. All diseases resonate at their individual 
frequency. For example--cancer has a frequency of 42 Hertz - Candida, 55 Hz. - 
Epstein Barr, 52 Hz - the common cold, 58 Hz.  Raising the Hertzian level will 
clear the body of the diseased frequency and eliminate the bacteria or viruses that 
are vibrating at that frequency. Oil has the ability to put the electrical frequency 
back into the human blood so that it can deliver food and oxygen to the cells.  

We live in a poisoned world. Our air, water and food are so demineralized and 
poisoned that the human body has difficulty raising its electrical frequency to a 
healthy state. Pure essential oils that are grown organically and distilled properly 
will carry the pure frequency of the plant which in turn will generate a higher 
frequency in the blood. Some oil's frequency will go as high as 300 Hz. By 
smelling and using the oils on the skin, the electrical frequency within the cell's 
structure will be raised.  

It is time that the human body was looked at as a bio-electrical structure. There is 
a real need to develop devices that will monitor ant measure the electrical 
frequency of living tissues and disease. We have thermometers to take 
temperatures, a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat and blood pressure devices 
to measure the pressure of the blood within the veins. Measuring the electrical 
frequency within the tissue is as important as these tools. Without the proper 
frequency within the tissue, the cell cannot take on nutrients and oxygen. These 
devices would make aromatherapy and Homeopathy the pure sciences that they 
need to be. The world is moving into the field of energy medicine, and it is time 
that we understand the electrical side of the human body. 

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years as a method of healing and 
anointing the body. The Egyptians were the first physicians on the planet and 
they used essential oils for healing. This makes aromatherapy the first 
documented medicine used by man. The Bible has over one hundred and fifty 
references to anointing the body. Jesus and Moses used the oils as a healing 
method to raise the physical frequency so that the body would heal itself. When 
a person's bio-electrical energy is raised, they can be free to use their energy for 
the service of humanity and develop their spiritual self.  

                       Monatomic Elements
               Will Enhance Frequency In the Body

It would seem wise for an individual who wished to raise the frequency within 
their body to start supplementing the body with monatomic elements. The 
monatomic elements will enhance the superconductivity of the brain. These 
elements can be found in the middle of the periodic table of elements. They are 
rhodium and iridium, platinum and palladium, and gold and silver, etc. 
These elements can be found in high percentages in aloe, the wild yam, Eissac tea 
and pycnogenol. These herbs help the body to function at its monatomic level. 
Some marketing companies are growing the aloe and the wild yam on the lava 
beds in Mexico ant then freeze-drying it to keep the hormones and enzymes 
active in the product. This is an important step because the monatomic elements 
activate the hormones and enzymes within the body. These companies have also 
done much research in understanding the hormone DHEA. The book, Bountiful 
Health, Boundless Energy, Brilliant Youth: The Facts About DHEA outlines 
much of this research.  

                DHEA The Mother of All Hormones

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a naturally occurring substance in our 
bodies. Because it is the most abundant hormone in the body, it has been named 
the "mother of all hormones."  DHEA is the substance that other hormones use 
for their synthesis in the body. This hormone steadily rises in its level until 
around age twenty, at which time the levels of DHEA begin to fall. If one has 
taken allopathic or recreational drugs or has been exposed to environmental 
toxins such as chlorine, sodium fluoride, pollution, etc.. the DHEA levels are 
even lower. In these cases, it is even more crucial to rebuild the DHEA levels for

Medical research into DHEA was done. and a synthetic form was used. In 1988, 
the FDA took this medication off the market because, while they stated it had few 
adverse side effects, the risks of long term usage were unknown. The good news 
is that we to not need a synthetic form of DHEA. It is available to us through a 
natural substance called Dioscorea villosa, or Mexican Yam. While the wild yam 
does not contain DHEA, it does contain the precursors or the base substance out 
of which the body will manufacture its own DHEA. Once the body makes DHEA, 
it knows exactly where to put it and it knows the other hormones to make from 
the DHEA.  

How does this Mexican yam assist us? The book Bountiful Health, Boundless 
Energy, and Brilliant Youth, outlines the many uses of the DHEA precursor in 
the following conditions: obesity and fat loss. diabetes, cardiovascular system, 
menopause. osteoporosis, Premenstrual Syndrome, lowering of cholesterol, 
arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression, Iiver cleansing and detoxification, cancer, 
aging problems, memory enhancement, Alzheimer's disease, and AIDS.  

         Interference From the Government of the World

As humanity learns to control superconductivity, the planet will move into 
ascension. This will happen automatically if the process is not interfered with. At 
the present time the governments of the world are trying to stop this from 
happening. Laws are being passed to control the sale and use of herbs and 
minerals. Schools demand proof of vaccinations before children can attend 
classes. The purpose of these vaccinations is to change the RNA/DNA within our 
very bodily structure. In addition, the FDA, is approving BGH/bovine growth 
hormone and other food supplements that will change the RNA/DNA within our 
food supply. All this is designed to alter the RNA/DNA within humanity.  

When this is understood, the implants that Dannion Brinkley saw in his 
near-death situation may be more real than we care to imagine. These implants 
are chips that can be implanted with a normal shot and have the ability to control 
and limit a person's development. We already have an available implant for our 
pets as a built-in tracking device! This is the reality! If this is successful the 
RNA/DNA will be effectively altered so humanity cannot advance! The very 
consciousness of humanity will be controlled and at that point the small handful 
of individuals who control the Earth's governments will gain control of the solar 

On Thanksgiving evening, November 25, 1994, Prime Time Live subjected 
America to yellow journalism. Yellow journalism is a way to distort the truth. 
The subject was about herbs and amino acids. It was a plot to report the dangers 
of an herbal tea, Laci Le Beau tea, and the amino acid L-Tryprophon.  

After all their research they found that two deaths could be related to this tea. 
The case reported on involved a healthy woman (a lawyer's wife) who took two 
tea bags of Laci Le Beau tea the night before and was found dead the next 
morning. They concluded that the herb Senna in the tea depleted the potassium in 
her system and caused a heart attack. She had been dieting.  

The second attack was on the amino acid L-Tryptophan. Several years ago a bad 
batch of L-Tryptophan was released on the market. This substance caused the 
death of many and severely damages thousands. Few people realize that the bad 
batch was irradiated to do the point where it caused death.  

I realize this because a friend was taking L-Tryptophan and became very ill. She 
had heard L-Tryptophan was being taken off the market, so she purchased 
several brands to stock up so she would not run out of the product. She was using 
L-Tryptophan as a sleep aid.  

When she became ill, I dowsed that half the brands of L-Tryptophan she had 
bought were radioactive. Remember the illnesses were caused by a bad batch and 
not the L-Tryptophan. Many herbal companies would not have suspected 
L-Tryptophan as being over irradiated. They never checked it for radiation and so 
thousands of highly irradiated bottles from many companies were released on the 
market. This caused the deaths of many people.  

Dowsing is a skill in which a pendulum or an L-rod is used to do determine a 
"yes" or "no" answer. A good dowser can determine the cause of an illness 
within minutes without testing.  

Since I am trained in homeopathy, I simply took the bottle of irradiated 
L-Tryptophan and made a remedy out of the bad medicine. It removed the 
radiation from my friend. Like cures like. The law of homeopathy uses the same 
vibration to cure the problem that causes the illness.  

L-Tryptophan was becoming a threat to the medical profession. It was being 
used to replace tranquilizers such as Prozac and Valium, and it was also being 
used as a sleeping aid.  

This essential amino acid is a nutrient used by the brain to produce serotonin. 
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter. That is, it is a chemical involved in the 
transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the body. Serotonin cannot be 
made without the presence of L-Tryptophan. L-Tryptophan alleviates stress, 
anxiety, depression, and insomnia.  

Somehow the irradiated batch of L-Tryptophan  was given to the main suppliers 
of amino acids and put on the market. This is what caused the death and illness 
of thousands of men and women. The viewers of Prime Time Live were made to 
believe that L-Tryptophan itself was the problem, not the irradiated batch.  

As of yet, L-Tryptophan  has not been returned to the shelves of health food 
stores and is being used as an example to control and regulate amino acids, 
which will probably be removed from the health food stores. Not because of the 
danger, but because of a mysterious situation brought on by a bad batches of 
L-Tryptophan. This is yellow journalism in action.  

                         Who Will Gain
        by Taking Herbs and Amino Acids Off the Market?

Case in point: My stepson went to the hospital emergency room with severe 
stomach cramps. After several hours, the doctors could not diagnose the cause of 
his pain, so they administered morphine and Tylenol with codeine for the pain 
and sent him home.  

One week later, still in pain, he called me. Using dowsing, I determined that the 
original pain was due to food poisoning. I had a friend do Reiki and detox the 
bowel with a home brew of senna tea (similar to do Laci Le Beau tea).  Within 
one day, he was off the morphine and most of the pain was gone. He returned to 
work the next day.  

Please give me senna tea over morphine. Do not allow the FDA to remove these 
herbs and amino acids from the market. Hundreds of people are fed up with the 
care they are receiving from doctors and are turning to herbs and amino acids for 
help. This is a threat to the medical profession and its high cost of care. It cost 
my stepson more than $400 for the morphine, which gave him only temporary 

With a little bit of senna tea and Reiki he was back to work the next day. Yes, 
herbs and amino acids are a threat... to the high cost of medical care. Yellow 
journalism would like you to believe they need to be removed from the 
health food stores.  

              Graduation Day Before The Year 2010

The knowledge of ascension almost totally escapes humanity's understanding. 
We remain asleep in the comfort of thinking the governments of the world exist 
for our best interest.  

Entering the photon belt will change the consciousness of everyone. As it is 
stated in Revelation, it can be a peaceful happening or the Earth can suffer many
hardships. If the people choose to become alchemists and control matter, there 
will be a slower, more gentle change, and we can move into this consciousness 
without the terrible destruction we're headed for.  

Graduation day is now! As Kuthumi repeatedly says, "The time is now." In 
school we complete 12 grades and graduate. In life we either graduate or we get 
recycled. Humanity is asleep and does not realize that graduation day will be on 
or before the year 2010. If the Earth gets recycled and does not graduate it will 
be another 13,000 years before we can attempt this again.  

Recycling happened the last time the Earth was in the photon belt. The pyramids 
were built long ago to repair and control the grid system so the planet could 
graduate. The people at that time did not achieve ascension. Instead, the fifth 
planet in the solar system got blown up and caused much destruction. The Earth 
at this time was implanted with many of the underdeveloped beings and 
engineered to be a third-dimension school.  

Once again humanity has advanced to the point of graduating. Now all we have 
to do is learn to control our own electromagnetic fields and not be fooled by our 
governments-our "leaders." In effect, we must learn to validate our own 
experiences and know our truth. With the power of ascension, at least 144,000 
individuals can reactivate the grid system and control Mother Earth's 
electromagnetic field. This will advance the whole solar system into the light 
and allow the rest of the underdeveloped beings to overcome matter. If we fail, it 
will be another 13,000 years before we reenter the photon belt and have the 
opportunity to graduate.  


David Hudson, tape from Global Sciences, Back Country Production, 
831 Alpine Street. Longmont CO 80501. (303) 772-8358.  

Bountiful Health, Boundless Energy, Brilliant Youth: by Dr. Neecie Moore, 
Charis Publishing Co., Inc.. P.O. Box 740907, Dallas. TX 75374.  

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